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Backlinks for bloggers | A guide for your blog to make awesome backlinks

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Back-linking is one of the main techniques which people use to rank their blogs/ website higher in search engines but doing it the right-way is what matters most.
Many people use wrong techniques to make back-links which cause an adverse effect in terms of ranking. We are discussing proper & tested ways to create back-links which will help you to rank your site better in search engines.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks helps you to keep a track of pages or posts which links to your website. Suppose I have written a post on my blog and you like it, you can write a post of your own for the same topic and provide a small text/ link for my website on your own blog.
This way I will have a backlink to my site from your blog.

What are benefits of backlinks?

Backlinks help you to rank your keywords high in Search Engines. So in order to achieve high ranking in search engines you must do quality link-building.

How to create backlinks?

Backlinks can be created using many techniques. Before you proceed with this section, know one thing !

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