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Best Newsletter Plugins For WordPress | The good 5s for WordPress

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Wordpress Newsletter Plugins

WordPress Newsletter Plugins

It’s an open secret that for a blog or a website to be popular, it needs to reach out to its audience – both potential as well as existing. And there isn’t a better way to do so than having a mailing list with lots of subscribers on it – needless to say, the more, the better! These subscribers will get exclusive updates to your blog and will be the first to know of any new stuff on your site – which ensures both audience loyalty and interest.

To grow and strengthen this list of subscribers, you need a good Newsletter plugin (For your WordPress site) which converts your regular visitors into avid followers and readers. They are given the direct opportunity to subscribe to your site/blog, which means that whenever there’s a new update on your site, a notification will be sent to the members of the list via e-mail. It’s neat, and handy.

So now that you know of what Newsletter Plugins are all about, which one would be the best for your site? So here’s our list of the best Newsletter Plugins for WordPress that you can incorporate into your site – to make your site grow and reach its full potential.

1. Newsletter

This basic plugin for WordPress enables you to add a newsletter to your blog within a matter of seconds. It allows for an unlimited number of subscribers and e-mail IDs, so that you can reach out to your audience without having to worry about exhausting the limit. You can also create visually appealing email messages with the visual editor, send and track them. Handy, intuitive and extremely useful, this WordPress plugin is available to you free of cost. A must have plugin for any blog/site owner.

2. Email Newsletter

This is another basic plugin which allows you to email all those people who have viewed, commented upon or subscribed to your blog or website. You have the option of sending email in an HTML format to all your users. It’s useful for those people who need to reach out to a large audience. It has a simple interface and is really easy to install.

3. MailPoet Newsletter

MailPoet Newsletter is pretty useful when it comes to creating newsletters, posting notifications and modifying the autoresponders. MailPoet Newsletter does all, and more, in a very elegant and intuitive way. Simply drop all the posts, images and social icons in a newsletter, change the fonts and colors according to your convenience and you’re good to go! Without any hassles, you can manage your entire subscribers list efficiently and effectively grow your WordPress site into one that is both popular and successful.

4. ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter is a powerful plugin that has been optimized for blogs and websites running on WordPress. It has features to collect the registered and subscribed users into a mailing list and allows the site owner to write and send HTML / Text newsletters. The posts can be written in the standard familiar WordPress GUI and API. You can choose the recipients to mail and manage the mailing lists rather easily.

Some features unique to this particular plugin include support for ajax widget, multilanguage and cron batch sending. Moreover, this plugin is available in over 20 languages, which means that language is no barrier for the ALO EasyMail Newsletter.

5. WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin

WP Autoresponder and Newsletter is an email newsletter / autoresponder plugin. It enables you to create mail newsletters, create followup mail responses as auto-responses that can be scheduled to go out after a specific number of days have elapsed and provide email subscriptions for your blog without resorting to third party services like FeedBurner. You can generate subscription forms and use them anywhere on your website; you can even add them to the sidebar using widgets!

Having a feature similar to that found in a standard Google Form, you can edit out fields in the subscription form to collect more information about your subscribers.

The newsletters work independent of your blog without any help from third party applications. This is undoubtedly an essential plugin for those who want to manage their subscriber list in a very professional and convenient manner.

So pick the perfect one for you and use on your blog/ website.

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