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Bloggers Foolstop | Things which bloggers do to add a full stop to their blog

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True Bloggers rise and fall but they never QUIT

This is not a mere quote, this is the first principle which every Newbie must keep in mind when S/he plans to be a Rich & Famous Blogger.
Blogging has become a craze & passion among the young generation these days. Due to the free life it provides as a profession, blogging is being widely chosen as a full-time career by many people. Pro-bloggers who have been recognized all over the world are earning thousands of dollars every month with their blogs.

It’s undoubtedly a good career to choose but many newbie bloggers choose some wrong paths to take their blog to NEW HEIGHT (the new low in reality)

We are mentioning some mistakes of bloggers which usually creates a BIG problem for them in future and traffic starts to decline overnight :

No consistency in posting:

Consistency in posting is one of the very big factor to bring trust and traffic to your site. Most of the newbie bloggers do not consider or know this fact that consistency brings more trust and readership for their website.

If you have three articles which you plan to post in the next seven days, don’t post all of them on a single day and be jobless for the rest of week. Just post them with a gap of one day each throughout the week.

So if content is the king, consistency is the prince


Bad quality of content:

Grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, incorrect sentences and many other things which make your articles hard to read and understand decrease the quality of your blog.
Search engines love articles with unique content and superb quality. So if you feel that you do not have proper language skills and don’t know how to write quality articles, hire a content writer.
The biggest mistake people commit is degrading the quality of article over the time when they do not see much traffic coming to their site. Keep your calm and maintain the quality of your articles.

Bad Permalinks:

Some bloggers do not notice this thing initially and leave the default permalink structure of wordpress which is www.example.com/?p=123 .
This is one of the big mistakes done unknowingly and without proper guidance. You lose the opportunity to tell search engines about your article via link to post. You can add category to link or title of post which can add to the quality of your link and boost some traffic rank.

E.g. You have a tutorial on wordpress SEO

Default link will be : www.example.com/?p=123
Sample pretty link with permalinks configured will be : www.example.com/tutorials/wordpress-seo

To configure permalink go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and configure them according to your choice.

Copying Content:

Blogging demands ideas, creativity and dedication so that the content which we publish is useful to people. This is a high competition era and if someone achieves a milestone in a niche, the crowd starts running for the same.

For example : These day technical blogs are on the rise. After famous names like techcrunch, people are just putting any blah blah with tech and starting a website.

I just saw that a domain is on sale for more than $2,000 and you will laugh out with its name : techshit.com.

I won’t be surprised if this shit (I mean site) becomes a golden domain tomorrow. (No offense the future owners).

Due to this competition and lack of content, creativity and genuineness people start copying posts from one blog and the other which takes them in wrong direction. They think copying posts from other blogs or Spinning (modifying them) will make their content genuine but they do not know how search engines work to kick the copycats.

Not being social:

Social networks are on the peak today, people spend most of the time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. Blogging alone will not fetch you a lot of traffic. If you want to succeed, you have to get a social life for your blog. Share posts, interact with users, provide them useful content, create discussions and do whatever unique you can do.

Writing irrelevant things which nobody wants to read:

If you start writing for search engines instead of for your viewers than trust me more people than you can imagine are working on SEO strategies. If you want to increase your website readership, authority and reputation you have to write for your audience. You have to provide them useful content which they can use to learn something or to achieve something.

Using Pirated Themes, Plugins & more:

If you think piracy was limited to movies and was not aware that many bad people crack the premium themes and plugins and distribute them for free then you must know this.
People purchase the theme and plugin and upload them to various sites which distribute these contents for free. But we never recommend using such items because most of the times such FREE items come with malicious code or some hack or with some extra link stuff added by the person who uploaded the file for his/her own gain.
So if you are planning to start a blog and take it long, buy premium themes and plugins.

Depression & Giving up:

When we start something, we start after thinking a lot about it or hearing lot about it. Many of the newbies think that they will get thousands of visitors, likes, shares and comments on their blog within a few weeks or months because their content is unique, good or miraculous 😀
But in reality nothing such happens for a quite long time. You have to be patient and keep working hard, writing good content, exploring good keyword options to write, researching what your potential readers want to read and keep fingers crossed.

Giving up is the easiest thing which you can do anytime, at any place and at any time but building a blog is a slow and steady progress which will take time !!

Using a lot of plugins & plugins from bad sources:

I met this guy from Brazil who told me that his site has been hacked twice and is insanely slow and visitors take out time to shoot insulting mails to him for bad site.
I analyzed his site and came to know that he was using 50+ plugins, multiple plugins for same functionality, 90% of plugins were never updated from the time of installation and some of the plugins were from unknown source.

Why the hell a site will want to open after all this shit ?  If I was a site, I would never see my owner (Sentimental Alert!! )

You must read this article to know How to Increase WordPress Website Speed

You have to update your plugins time to time, never ever install plugins which have not been updated for a year or more, delete all inactive themes and plugins, never use plugin for each and every single functionality, never use multiple plugins for same functionality (Like using two plugins for caching).

Putting ads on the site in a wrong way:

Are you making a blog so that people come and unknowingly click on your ads? Are you the one who is stuffing ads every here and there so that people see your ads more than the content ? You are one of those stupids who ruin their blogs by making an ad-only site.
IF your ad is obstructing the content view, than even only one ad is bad and if you place ads in such a way that your visitor can easily do what s/he wants to do on the site and leave, its a good site.

Never stuff your site with ads, use proper ad placement so that visitor can easily view your site and its content without any obstructions by ads.

Using CHEAP Hosting:

I won’t say 100% but 99% of first time bloggers search for cheapest hosting on the earth, if they can host their site on Mars, Jupiter or Saturn, they can even search for “cheapest hosting on mars”.

And once they buy such hosting, the next question they search very soon is “Why is my site slow?” or “Why is my site down?”

WARNING : Never host your website on those cheapest sources, they oversell the space and your website will be slow, less secure & down most of the time.

These were the few things which many bloggers do with a thinking to save money and increase traffic BUT these things always cause adverse effect and they end up shutting the site.

What do you think ? Any other things which I have missed in the article are requested to be mentioned in the comments.

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