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How to Connect WPMU Membership and WordPress Social Login Plugin

Hello Folks!

Have you ever wondered how to connect WPMU Membership and Worpdress Social Login Plugin ?
During my conversation with one of my clients I was asked to do the same thing. I am sharing this with WpWire Community so that you can do it on your own.

1. The default registration page looks like the one given below.
wpmu+ WordPress social login 1

2. After adding one line of code in the file you will get the page like below.
wpmu+ WordPress social login 2

3.  Let’s add the code. Find the file registration.form.php (Locate in wp-content\plugin\membership\membershipincludes\includes)

4. Now Find this code in the file:

 <!--?php _e( 'Create an Account', 'membership' ) ?-->

Just before the starting legend tag, insert the code given below

 <!--?php do_action( 'wordpress_social_login' ); ?-->

5. Using this simple tweak you will get all the social login icons which you have activated in WordPress Social Login.

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By WpWire Admin

Rishab Garg is a senior web developer and consultant in India. He has created over 200 website and managed several e-commerce projects. He is passionate about Wordpress and founder of WpWire.