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How to create a wordpress website on your own under $200

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I have been developing different kind of websites since last five years and have interacted with clients from almost 50+ countries in world.

People come to me via different freelance platforms and ask me to design a good website for them. But I have also interacted with many clients who have a GREAT art of learning. When I give them post development training to maintain the website, they say “Seriously its that easy ?”

Everybody loves money and maybe from this post I am going to loose one of my few potential clients (don’t read this :D) but I want to write it out so that you can know, how to create a wordpress website/ blog on your own under $200 and shoot it live.

Let’s start with the basics:

1 Domain (e.g www.yourbusinessname.com)
1 Hosting Account (To Keep Your Website Code, Images etc)
1 Theme (To Give Your Website a Design which end user will see)
Plugins – To taste (If required, you can eat the website like this too)


Step 1: Buy a domain, if you already have a domain, please skip to Step 2
Buying a domain is easy but TRICKY. Suppose your business name is John & John Company. Tips for finding a good domain name:
A. Domain name must match your business name
B. Keep it short, don’t try to buy johnandjohncompany.com. Try to find john&johnco.com
C. Check if your domain passes the Radio test, which means if  your business website is promoted on a radio advertisement, will the audience be able to listen and remember it properly.
e.g  www.johncompany.com  is easy to remember than www.johnandjohntylercompany.com
Chances of mistakes also increase in long domain names.
D. If you can buy .com & the regional domain (.us if you are in USA, .uk if you are in United Kingdom) it would be best. Just design your website on .com and forward the regional domain to it.
This will be helpful in SEO as well as protect your business from local competitor.

Where to buy:
There are Hundreds of websites from where you can purchase domain name for your business, Godaddy, Namecheap are one of the most famous ones but I recommend godaddy due to a numerous reason. They have best domain management panel, fastest domain propagation time (linking time to your hosting), great billing flexibility and much more.

Click below to go to godaddy and search your domain name

Domain name generator websites:
1. Namemesh – Click here to go to domain name generator Namemesh
2. Panabee – Click here to go to domain name generator Panabee

Step 2: Buying a hosting account, if you already have a hosting account, skip to step 3

First of all never search for this term “Cheap Hosting” or “Low price hosting” because you will end up buying a junk for your valuable website and in a bid to save some money you will waste few dollars or few hundred dollars.

Many business or blog owners make this mistake of buying cheap hosting and than they feel that their website is too slow or the website is going down again and again.

Remember godaddy which I recommended above for buying domains ? They have some of the cheapest plans available online and they provide worst hosting on this planet earth. Irony it is 😉 they are still number 1 on domain registrations.

Buy a hosting account keeping in mind three most important things:
1. How much traffic you expect in first 6 months
2. How much flexibility hosting company is providing to upgrade to a account with higher specifications.
3. Last but most important, how much resource your website requires

There are three  kind of servers you can look in the beginning:
1. Shared Hosting: This is the cheapest and very basic kind of hosting, your website will be put on a shared server where hundreds or thousands of other websites are also hosted. In all cases I recommend staying away from shared servers, specially when you are expecting even hundreds of users.

If you feel you will have not much traffic on site and just want a cheap but stable shared hosting than I recommend going for US based Inmotion Hosting, they have best shared hosting in my opinion. Hostgator and other options are also available but many users complain that Hostgator suspends account if slight peak or high resources are used by your website.

Click here to buy Shared Hosting Plan from Inmotion at 30-40%  Off | WpWire Offer

2. VPS Hosting: VPS or Virtual Private Server is for websites which have normal traffic plus high resource usage. If your website has lots of images or advanced functions like ecommerce, social network or anything which consumes bandwidth, you must go for a VPS or Dedicated Server.

I recommend WiredTree or Inmotion Hosting for VPS servers.

Click here to check WiredTree VPS Hosting Plans
Click here to check Inmotion VPS Hosting Plans

3. Dedicated Hosting: If you have a budget, if your website will require high resource, if you will have hundreds of products to sell on site and if you want the best, go for dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting means, you own the server, no-one else will share your server.  Chances are least for going down even if you have hundreds of thousands of visitors online at the same time and eating Gigabytes of hosting each day.

With all my experience I will again go for Wiredtree as they have Best Servers, Best Support and highest up-time as per user’s reviews.

Click Here to Check WiredTree Dedicated Hosting Plans
Step 3: Linking hosting with your domain name

Now you have your hosting and domain name, you need to link to them so that when you go to www.yourdomainname.com, you will see your website or files on your hosting.

For this, you will have to change nameservers of your domain name to the nameservers of hosting provider. You can get that easily from your host once you buy an account with them.

There are minimum two nameservers for any hosting. e.g default nameservers of inmotionhosting are ns.inmotionhosting.com & ns2.inmotionhosting.com

You can read this article to know more about changing nameservers

Note: Once you change the nameserver, it my take some time to propagate, clear browser cache after half an hour to check if your nameserver has been propagated.

Step 4: Take a deep breath, dance on one leg for 20 second 😀

Now you have to setup wordpress. I have written a one page guide for wordpress, you can read about wordpress installation from there. Once you read it, come back here.

Step 5: WordPress Installation

We can start the installation process now. Most of the best hosting providers use Cpanel as the Hosting control panel so we will be using Cpanel in this tutorial. If you have registered your domain from some other registrar, please contact their customer support for the process of setting name server.

Finally you have wordpress file, your domain name and hosting setup. Lets start Building a website with wordpress in just 2 minutes.

2. Installation process (Supposing domain name www.example.com, where we are installing wordpress)

  • Create Database via cpanel :  If you are new to cpanel, here is a quick tutorial to create Database via Cpanel’s MySQL Wizard. Please remember to give the database user ALL PRIVILEGES and save the database user account password (to be used in installation process)
    Click here to watch the video
  • Upload WordPress files :  Go to Cpanel (www.example.com/cpanel). Now open the File Manager
    Upload WordPress Archive in public_html directory and extract all the files. After extracting the archive, you will get a New Folder WordPress. Open WordPress folder by double clicking on it  and Select all the files and folders and move them to public
    Click Here to learn process of uploading file via File Manager.
  • Open website in new tab : Now go to www.example.com and you will see a Configuration Error (Yes this journey begins with an error)
    First step of wordpress installation
  • Click on Create a configuration file
  • Now you will get this screen :
  • On this page you have to enter few details like database name, user name, password, database host and table prefix.
    Enter the name of database created in first step, name of database user with all the privileges, password of database user account (hope you have saved that). If you forgot to save the password, delete that user from cpanel, create another from Database Menu, and assign that user to the database. (Don’t dare to forget this again now!!)
    Database Host in most cases will be localhost but if it doesn’t work, ask your hosting provider to tell the Database host.
    Table Prefix : The default table prefix in wordpress is wp, we recommend changing it to something else (Done for security reasons)
  • Now you will be asked to enter some information.
    Note: If you are planning to launch your site after some testing and sample content loading, uncheck  privacy check-box so that search engines do not show the sample content of your website in search engines. You can check it again after development is completed from Settings> Reading Settings> Search Engine Visibility.

Click on Install Wordpres to finish the installation.

  • Now if you visit your website URL www.example.com, default wordpress website will be there.
  • You can login to the Admin panel to customize the site.

Step 6: Buy A Theme For Your Website
Now you have got everything ready and fun part begins now, you can go to Themeforest.net and search for a nice looking theme for your business there. Themeforest is largest store for WordPress Themes and plugins.

When you have sorted out a theme for your business, purchase it and download from Themeforest Downloads section. You have to download only WordPress Installation File

Step 7: Setting Up Theme on Your WordPress
Now go to WordPress Dashboard Admin Panel by using this url www.your-domain-name.com/wp-admin

Use your own domain name instead of your-domain-name.com

Now you will be on wordpress dashboard, go to Appearance> Themes and click on ADD NEW
On Add Themes Page, click on Upload Theme button and upload the theme archive downloaded from themeforest.

Once its done, go back to themes and activate the new theme.
Now, your theme is activated.

Step 8: Installing Demo Data
Most of the themes today come with demo data, you can import that demo data to your site and your site will automatically fetch page contents and images and your site will look just like the demo of theme.

You can find Import Demo Option either in your theme settings or your theme provider will give you a .xml file which can be imported from wordpress Dashboard > Tools > Import (Install WordPress Importer & Upload the .xml file)

Step 9: Editing the data
Now you have all the demo data setup and your pages will be created on backend. You can go to Dashboard> Pages> All Pages  and check the page you want to keep and delete others.

E.g You want to keep About Us page : Click on edit option which comes on hovering the page link in All Pages.

If its created using Visual Builder, you can click on individual blocks and edit information in it without touching code.

Here are video tutorials for using Visual Bakery Composer

If pages are created using shortcodes, you will have to learn about wordpress shortcodes from theme documentations or google that.

With minimum efforts you will be able to edit the pages and your site will be setup.

In case you are stuck at some step, feel free to comment on this article and we will come to your rescue at ZERO COST.

This way your site will be setup in less than $200.

Hosting : $50-$120
Domain: $5-$10
Theme: $50-60

I hope this article brings some useful information to newbies and business owners who do not want to spend a lot on website development and have good learning ability.

Feel free to comment and ask any query related to wordpress development on WpWire.net

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