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Accidentaly deleted your website | Use Google to recover deleted website

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One of my friends accidentally deleted his blog a year before and the same thing happened with a guy today. So I am writing a step-by-step guide to recover deleted website.

What ? You are here because you have deleted your website ? Okay Charlie here are the steps you must take to get back your website or at-least the content.

1. If you regularly take backup of your website, restore the backup.

2. If you don’t have any backup, contact your hosting provider and ask them to restore the last backup they have. Usually all good hosting providers take rolling backups each 24-36 hours. Under rolling backups all data is overwritten in the backup files with the latest available content. So you have to make sure that you contact your service provider with that time for best chances of recovery. If your website is too small (few MBs), they may do it for free otherwise they can ask for a hefty amount for backup restoration.

3. Okay if you are still reading this than either you are too worried (what will happen if they do not restore my site or ask for thousand dollars) OR have already talked to the hosting guys.
So no solution ?

Here is the thing which will ultimately help you to recover the content of your website (Not the website itself)

The Google Solution :

The best way to recover your site’s content if both the solution above fails is using the Google Cache.

Google has proved to be a life savior for many people who have accidentally deleted their website or lost it for any other reason.

So how to use it ?

Use this link : webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:www.example.com

Paste this link in your browser and replace www.example.com with your website URL and if google has cached your website (In most of the cases it will)
You will be able to see the cached version of your website and then you can copy paste the content.

This is the best process to get your content back and start again.

To avoid such situation we recommend using WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin.

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