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How to stop SPAM comments & spam registrations on wordpress website

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If you have a registration enabled wordpress website or blog than you might be one of the victims of SPAM comments and registrations.

Those irritating medical pills comments, crazy 10 lettered fake names on your users list,  and continuous notifications of new fake registrations. I know what a pain it is to control these things. You have to delete each comment manually & search the user log for fake registrations.

We are discussing how to prevent such fake comments & registrations on your wordpress website and blog in this article.

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  • Prevent Spam Comments: In order to prevent spam comments you must activate plugin AKISMET. This plugins comes pre-packed with the default wordpress installation and usually left deactivated or deleted due to requirement of an API key to activate it.
    Don’t be lazy and go on Akismet website and get an API key for your website and activate the plugin. This whole process won’t take even 5 minutes and the protection against spam comments you get is worth of it.
    Will Akismet alone do my work ?
    No, Akismet fights and detects almost 95% of such fake comments but some “Intellegent Spammers” find out way to bypass it.
    Second thing, go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings> Discussion.
    Make sure that you have both of the below checkboxes left “Unchecked” as they are useless 99 out of 100 times.

    Also use these two settings:

       (This can be checked to moderate all comments manually)Third thing, if your website receives spam comments even after this, than you must be a target of some specific spammer or group of spammers. In order to stop such comments you must trace their IP and ban them manually.

    You can block IP of the spammer by adding the IP to “Comment Blacklist” on WordPress Dashboard > Settings> Discussion.

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  • Stop Spam Registrations on WordPress: This is one of the biggest pain in wordpress website owner’s life if they have enabled registration on their website. If no proper measures are taken, you will receive a lot of fake registrations on your website (even hundreds a day) which will be a pain for you.So how can you prevent your site from those fake registrations ?

    Firstly, change the default wordpress login/ registration url. Changing this will help prevent your website/ blog from those bots which use default wordpress urls for automated registrations.
    You can use this plugin for changing default urls : Pretty Login Urls – Change Login and Register.

    Secondly, use WangGuard plugin. Yes this is the real guard against those stupid registrations. Install WangGuard, make basic configurations like setting up API (don’t be lazy this time), choosing preferences etc.Using captcha on registration login form will surely add to the security.

    Using these two steps, 95% of fake registrations will surely stop.

  • How to find latest registered users on wordpress so that I can manually delete fake registrations: By default wordpress do not provide any sorting system for users page in order that we can check latest registrations.
    Their is a very basic plugin for this function, Recently RegisteredInstall this plugin on your site and you will get a filter on users page named “Registered”. Just click on it twice and your user table will show latest registered users.
    Wordpress recently registered


Using the above mentioned ways, you can easily stop spam comments and spam registrations on WordPress to a great extent. For more information related to wordpress keep visiting out blog at wpwire.net/blog .

If you have any kind of question related to wordpress, blogging, development, marketing or cooking, visit our Questions & Answer section and get reply within 24 hours.

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