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Thesis WordPress Theme | Excellent theme For bloggers & web developers

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Excellent theme for wordpress blogs & Sites

Excellent theme for wordpress blogs & Sites

Are you a blogger? Are those old-fashioned, monotonous, default themes that have been made available to you, boring the living daylights out of you? Do you want to add some color and life to your blog and also make it more interactive? If the answers to all these questions is yes, then what you’re looking for Thesis’ DIYThemes (DIY = Do it yourself).

As a blogger you may wish to change the way your blog looks, the background, fonts and the overall theme as well, but most likely were stuck at an deadlock, since the only way you could build your own theme was by coding. Now this gets tedious, as you may not know how to code, so you might have to rely on a friend or a hired professional to do it for you. This may take a while, prove costly and since you are not the one doing it, the impatience really grows on you.

Why is Thesis wordpress theme good for bloggers & web developers?

Thesis is a simple, straightforward and quite revolutionary in the theme building process- it helps you build your own theme without any hassles, and is obviously much faster than coding. Thesis themes are generally more synonymous with WordPress, but is can be used for other blogs as well.

Thesis Child Themes
The skins by Thesis users are called Themedy child themes; Thesis from DIYThemes, or alternatively Genesis from StudioPress are the prerequisites to make your designs. If you’re new to ‘child themes’, they are themes like any other default ones on WordPress, just better, since you get to customize it yourself!  Child themes use the files of a parent theme and you can set all customization in the child themes. Child themes are good when you have to customize the theme and you don’t want to loose the changes on theme update. WordPress along with Thesis or Genesis forms a beautiful garden of themes, and Themedy is the one in charge landscaping, where you’re the one who decides what grows in your garden, and also how it all needs to be maintained.

The level to which you can customize is quite amazing and gives the impression that it has been made by a professional. Installing themes is quite easy and almost effortless, it is the same as installing any regular theme or skin and can be done in just a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard.

 Apart from the skins, the two other main features are boxes and site tools.

Boxes: Boxes are like apps or widgets to add on to your blog, suppose you wanted an email signup option or add a ‘popular posts’ section on your sidebar, or even a social network sharing option under your headline. Thesis makes it all easy for you, while avoiding the need to hire a developer or code yourself, wherein the plugin may or even may not work.

Adding boxes is as easy as a drag and drop function on the Thesis console, the most popular boxes are Twitter- tweet button, Facebook like button, Google +1 button, LinkedIn share button, Pinterest- Pin it button, and many more. Even if the box isn’t built by Thesis, there’s a good chance somebody else has, as building boxes is also quite easy.

 Site Tools: This deals with SEO, which is search engine optimization. SEO is vital – it enables  you to make your blog rank better, or possibly even at the top of a search engine result. Thesis enables implementing Google authorship, and it is as simple as posting your Google+ profile link in a box. Even if there are multiple authors, there is an option of adding more Google+ profile links for shared authorship. You can also assign schemas to your blog, since major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! are looking for this code on your sites to improve their own search results; if there are no schemas, then your site tends to lose ratings to others that do. You can also edit your 404 page with Thesis, which isn’t possible otherwise without complicated coding.

 Here is a video demo which shows how easy is to change website content via thesis skin design options:


Thesis Cost:

Thesis has over 57,000 users currently, all who are making use of its functions to better their blog, and each one has picked a payment option, which is best suited to their needs.

1) Thesis Basic costs $87, which is the ‘personal option’, and accommodates for one site only. Here you can avail all the upgrades within 12 months of your purchase.

[small_button text=”Purchase Thesis Basic Now” title=”Purchase Thesis Basic Now” url=”http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?B=198392&U=893806&M=24570&urllink=” align=”left” target=”_blank”]

2)    Thesis Basic Plus costs $164, and has more skins options, but is also only usable on one domain. Here too, only 12 months worth of updates are available. You can also add 2 email boxes with this option.

[small_button text=”Purchase Thesis Basic Plus Now” title=”Purchase Thesis Basic Plus Now” url=”http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?B=198392&U=893806&M=24570&urllink=” align=”left” target=”_blank”]

3)    Thesis Professional costs $197, is the ultimate version, with unlimited domains that you can put under it, with a lifetime of upgrades. You can add 2 email boxes, 5 social network boxes, also use the developers tools option,which isn’t possible on the other two options.

[small_button text=”Purchase Thesis Professional Now” title=”Purchase Thesis Professional Now” url=”http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?B=198392&U=893806&M=24570&urllink=” align=”left” target=”_blank”]

Depending on your use and purpose, you can pick the package you want, to better your blog, in a faster and simpler way.

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