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WordPress backup to Dropbox | Automatic backup to dropbox account

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WordPress is most used Content Management System in the world, with millions of blogs & business websites developed using it.

Everyday thousand of hack attempts are made by hackers around the world and hundred of blogs are hacked due to vulnerabilities in WordPress or due to the old wordpress version.

Here is an info-graphic which reveals some facts about wordpress :

What If Your WordPress Gets Hacked

Source: Visually

Are you having sleepless nights and having dreams of your website being hacked ?

Here is the solution :
WordPress Backup to Dropbox, is the best plugin for taking backup of wordpress website.

What it actually does :
WPB2D as it is named, is a plugin that automatically takes the backup of your WordPress website and database and uploads it to your Dropbox account.

What you need to do:
1. Install the plugin : Plugin Link
2. Go to Backup  WPB2D > Backup Settings
wpb2d 1
3. On the setting page you have to link your account to your dropbox account my simple auto-verification via dropbox API integrated in this plugin.

4.  On the settings page you now need to mention the Subfolder of the plugin folder WPB2D in dropbox.

5. Choose the frequency of auto-update of dropbox backup & Time of Backup (Daily | Weekly | Fortnightly | Every 4 Weeks | Every 8 Weeks | Every 12 Weeks)

6. You can also exclude any file or directory from being backed up to dropbox (You can select the sub domains, other websites here.)
Save the settings and you are done. Now your website including database will be backed up by the plugin and saved to your computer connected with dropbox according to the time and day selected by you.

Note : Your computer must be ON and connected so that backup can be saved to the dropbox folder on your computer.

The Good Thing : Your website will not be downloaded daily !  Only the changed/ added files will be updated in dropbox.

So add this plugin to your website today and be on the greener side.

For any queries feel free to ask question on WpWire Forum

For any questions on WordPress plugins and hacks ask a questions on our forum.

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