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WordPress Favicon | How to add favicon in wordpress

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What is a Favicon & what is its use ? : Favicon or favorite icon is a file generally of 16 x 16 pixels used by websites as a shortcut icon, bookmark icon for branding purpose.

Red highlighted image is favicon for facebook.

Every small bit on your website contributes to the overall design and impact of your site on the visitor’s mind. Even after being one of the smallest visible elements, favicon makes your browser tab personalized for your website. It gives a sign of trust and professional development on your site.
Where is Favicon generally displayed: Depending on the browser’s compatibility favicon can be displayed on the address bar, address bar drop down list, links bar, bookmarks, tabs and drag to desktop.

How to create a favicon : You can generate a favicon for your website using graphic designing software like Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator and if you are not skilled enough to design it, you can search someone from fiverr to make one for you. If you don’t want to spend a single buck on this, search for “favicon generator” on your favorite search engine and choose from pre-designed customizable favicons.
It can be an image file(e.g png, jpeg, gif) or .ico file.

How to display a favicon on your wordpress website : You can display a favicon on your wordpress based website using one of a few options available.

  • Theme Options: Check your theme options and find if it has option to directly upload the favicon or mention the url to favicon.
    Add favicon to wordpress
  • Direct Upload of favicon.ico file: You can directly upload your favicon.ico file to the root folder where your wordpress is installed. If your website is www.example.com, you have to place upload this file to the public_html directory of website.But from where will I get this file ?  Upload your image file and rename it to favicon.ico and the browser will auto-detect it.
  • I love plugins, do you have any for this purpose : “Unluckily” wordpress developers have created plugins for almost everything due to which plugin lovers end up installing plugin for every single thing.
    Okay they have and I am listing the two best ones :
    1. All In One Favicon
    2. Favicon Generator

I will advise you not to use plugin for such simple things but if you have no technical skill or help to use any of the first two ways to upload a favicon, you can always use the option number three.

Using a lot of plugins always slow downs the website. If your website is slow, don’t forget to read Increase WordPress website speed: Tried & tested on over hundred sites

If you have any questions related to wordpress favicon, feel free to visit our forum : https://wpwire.net/forums/

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